Our publications

Novamont has been committed for years in scientific dissemination and promotion of new development models. In this section you will find our main publications and contributions.

The publications of our CEO

In this section you will find the Lectio Magistralis, publications and contributions written by Catia Bastioli, CEO Novamont.

Lectio Magistralis


Bioeconomy for territorial regeneration 

Lectio Magistralis by Catia Bastioli (2019)

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Renewable raw materials and the transition from a product-based economy to a system-based economy

Lectio Magistralis by Catia Bastioli (2008)

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Handbook of Biodegradable Polymers

Edited by Catia Bastioli. Published by De Gruyter (2020).

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A circular approach to bioeconomy: an opportunity to decarbonise the economy and reconnect it with society

Catia Bastioli, Published by Edizioni Ambiente (2017)

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Contributions to works of third parties


Bioplastics: a case study of Bioeconomy in Italy

Edited by Walter Ganapini. Introduction by Catia Bastioli (2013)

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Scientific publications of our researchers and experts

In this section you can find the latest scientific publications realized with the contribution of Novamont researchers and experts.


Introduction of Cardoon in a Rainfed Rotation to Improve Soil Organic Carbon Stock in Marginal Lands
Lorenzo D’Avino, Claudia Di Bene, Roberta Farina, Francesco Razza (2020) 

Intrinsic biodegradabiltiy of plastics and Intrinsic Biodegradability of Plastics and Ecological Risk in the Case of Leakage 
Francesco Degli Innocenti, Tony Breton (2020) 

Biodegradable Plastics Do not Form Chemically Persistent Microplastics 
Francesco Degli Innocenti (2020) 

Assessing and mitigating the harmful effects of plastic pollution: the collective multi-stakeholder driven Euro-Mediterranean response 
Maria Cristina Fossi, Thomais Vlachogianni, Francois Galgani, Francesco Degli Innocenti, Giorgio Zampetti, Gaetano Leone (2020) 

Disintegration and mineralization of mulch films and leaf litter in soil 
Maurizio Tosin, Marco Barbale, Selene Chinaglia, Francesco Degli Innocenti (2020) 

Agronomical Overview of Mulch Film 
Sara Guerrini, Changrong Yan, Mario Malinconico, P. Mormile (2019) 

Biodegradation kinetics in soil of a multi-constituent biodegradable plastic 
Maurizio Tosin, Alessandro Pischedda, Francesco Degli Innocenti (2019) 

Are biodegradable plastics a false solution? 
Francesco Degli Innocenti (2019) 

Biodegradation of plastics in soil: The effect of temperature 
Alessandro Pischedda, Maurizio Tosin, Francesco Degli Innocenti (2019)

Development of a Dry Crops Integrated Biorefinery for the Sustainable Production of Biobased Materials: A Case Study In Sardinia 
Michele Falce, Anna Ciancolini, Mario Stefano Murgia, Luigi Capuzzi (2019) 

Total recovery oilseed supply chain in Umbria region: the FORTe project 
Michele Falce, Anna Ciancolini, Luigi Capuzzi, Daniele Luchetti, Beatrice Falcinelli, Michela Farneselli (2019) 

Biodegradation rate of biodegradable plastics at molecular level 
Selene Chinaglia, Maurizio Tosin, Francesco Degli Innocenti (2018)

Standards for Soil Biodegradable Plastics 
Demetres Briassoulis and Francesco Degli Innocenti (2017) 

Life cycle assessment of cardoon production system in different areas of Italy 
Francesco Razza, L. Sollima, Michele Falce, R.M.S. Costa, V. Toscano, A. Novelli, Anna Ciancolini, Salvatore Raccuia (2016)
Mapping of arid-cultural systems for biomass production with low energetic input in marginal areas 
Michele Falce, M.G. Melilli, Francesco Razza, R.M.S. Costa, L. Sollima, A. Novelli, Anna Ciancolini, Salvatore Raccuia (2016) 

Biodegradation of plastics in soil and effects on nitrification activity. A laboratory approach 
Bettas ArdissonMaurizio Tosin, Marco Barbale and Francesco Degli Innocenti (2014)
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Biodegradation of plastics and ecotoxicity testing: when should it be done 
Francesco Degli Innocenti (2014) 
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Laboratory test methods to determine the degradation of plastics in marine environmental conditions 
Maurizio Tosin, Miriam Weber, Michela Siotto, Christian Lott, Francesco Degli Innocenti (2012) 
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Bioplastics from renewable resources: the benefits of biodegradability 
Francesco Razza, Francesco Degli Innocenti (2012) 

The Role of Standards for Biodegradable Plastics 
Francesco Degli Innocenti (2011) 

Kinetics of monomer biodegradation in soil 
Michela Siotto, Elena Sezenna, Sabrina Saponaro, Francesco Degli Innocenti, Maurizio Tosin, Luca Bonomo, Valeria Mezzanotte (2011)