Novamont collaborates with Slow Food

The collaboration between NOVAMONT and Slow Food began in 2008, when the company and the association signed a collaboration agreement for the promotion and planning of systemic events, aimed at gradually reducing the environmental impact of exhibitions, developing new sustainable scenarios for consumption and waste management, making them usable for other processes and giving them a new economic value.


The International Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre

The International Salone del Gusto is the largest trade show dedicated to the excellence of the world food and wine products, and is characterized by a significant approach to raise awareness about food culture. Terra Madre comes along with the Salone: it represents the world meeting of food communities, bringing together actors in the food chain from 150 countries, committed to defending and promoting production methods in the respect of the environment, of social justice and biodiversity.
The editions were organized by Slow Food, Piedmont Region, City of Turin, University of Gastronomic Sciences and Department of Architectural and Industrial Design of the Politecnico di Torino, along with NOVAMONT and other qualified environmental partners, as systemic events with outcomes more and more oriented towards concrete sustainability. NOVAMONT, thanks to the experience gained and the results achieved in designing new systems that enhance the role of bioplastics in improving the quantity and quality of organic waste collection, has been one of the environmental partners in 2008, and has become, since 2010 edition, one of the Main Sponsor of the events, helping to promote better-informed and more sustainable lifestyles and consumption patterns.



Cheese is the biennial Slow Food event dedicated to the world of cheese, with the aim of educating about food culture but also of promoting a more correct and conscious behavior towards the environment by the consumers. NOVAMONT, in collaboration with the City of Bra, Ascom Bra, Slow Food and S.E.A. has been promoting the event since 2009, first as an environmental partner, and then, from 2011, as one of the main sponsors.

NOVAMONT’s intervention is divided in two areas: one is more directly related to the organization of the system of waste collection and the supply of MATER-BI biodegradable and compostable products (disposable tableware and special covers for separate waste collection); the other one concerns communication, with the aimed of raising public awareness on the importance of best practices for the environment.


Slow Fish

NOVAMONT has been participating since 2009 as a technical partner in Slow Fish, the international biennial event, organized by Slow Food and the Liguria Region in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, dedicated to sustainable fish production and responsible consumption connected with sea and aquatic ecosystems.
Slow Fish has been designed as well as a systemic event with low environmental impact by Slow Food, Liguria Region, Fiera di Genoa, Genoa City, AMIU, along with NOVAMONT and other qualified environmental partners.
During all the four editions NOVAMONT has provided biodegradable and compostable MATER-BI products, such as tableware and shopping bags, according to a design approach which allows a proper and efficient management of the separate collection of organic waste during the event.