Novamont collaborates with Lavazza

From the strategic partnership between two leading Italian names — Lavazza and NOVAMONT, in 2015 was launched the compostable capsule made of MATER-BI. The results of the 5 year research project is a new paradigm of development that starts with coffee and applies the principle of circular economy, according to which all used products can return to being a resource, with significant environmental benefits. 
With this innovation, Lavazza focused on a precise stage of the life cycle of the product: the end of life. To date, in the “production-consumption disposal” linear model, waste is sent to landfills or for incineration. The partnership with NOVAMONT has instead allowed the development of a capsule which can be collected with the organic waste and sent for industrial composting, where the capsule and used coffee are recycled together as compost, with significant reduction of waste and greenhouse gas emissions.
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